July 19, 2024

Megan Scobee

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Marketing & Advertising Can Go A Long Way To Drive Change


The world is a big, scary place, and not everyone is cut out for the responsibility of taking control of your own destiny. Luckily for those who aren’t ready to go it alone, there are plenty of ways to market yourself and your business without having to do any work at all!


Branding is the process of creating a unique name, symbol or design that identifies the products or services of a business. Branding helps you to attract more customers and create an identity for your product. It’s also about differentiating your product from other similar products in the market place.

In this section we will discuss how branding can go a long way towards driving change in your company by making it stand out from its competitors

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing is a way to communicate with customers, while advertising is a specific form of marketing communication. This could be through print ads, billboards or even social media posts.

Marketing is the process that involves the identification of customer needs, the development of products and services to meet these needs, and the communication of these products and services to customers. Marketing implements all four P’s in this process:

  • Product – what you’re selling
  • Price – how much you’re charging for it (or not charging)
  • Place – where people buy your product
  • Promotion – how you get consumers interested in buying your product

Customer Service

Customer service is an excellent way to learn about your customers. It’s also a great way to build relationships with them, which can help you build trust and loyalty.

Here are some ideas:

  • Ask questions! If you’re trying to get to know someone, don’t just ask them what they do or where they went to school; ask them how they feel about it. Why did they choose this career? What was their favorite part? What would make their job better? How does it make them feel when people say mean things about the work that they do? These kinds of questions will give you insight into their personality (and maybe even help discover whether there’s another job out there that might be better suited for them). This kind of information will help improve customer service because now employees know exactly what kind of person needs extra care when dealing with customer issues–for example: Did someone just lose their job due financial difficulties caused by last year’s recession? Does this person have children who need braces but don’t have insurance coverage yet because everyone else has already had theirs installed before now….

Research, Research And More Research

Research, research and more research.

  • The first step to getting results is finding out what your customers want, so you can give it to them. Conducting market research will help you understand how people think about your product or service, where they are in the buying process and what their biggest concerns are when making buying decisions. This information will help guide your marketing efforts as well as inform future product development decisions.
  • Next up: customer insight! Get inside their heads by conducting qualitative interviews with real-life customers who use your products/services regularly (or aspire to). Ask open-ended questions like “Why did you buy this product?” or “What would make this experience better for me?” You’ll learn valuable information about what motivates them–and where there’s room for improvement in how things work now (or ways they could be done differently).

You have to do your research and know what you’re doing.

Marketing and advertising are not easy. You have to do your research, know what you’re doing, and be willing to put in the work. If you want your marketing campaign or ad campaign to succeed, then make sure that it aligns with who your audience is and what they want from a company like yours. This means knowing how they think, how they feel about certain topics (like politics), what their daily routines look like–everything! It’s important when creating a marketing plan that we take into account all of these factors so that we can create something relevant for our customers/clients/patrons/consumers/etcetera.”


You have to do your research and know what you’re doing.